Thursday, January 9, 2014

words, memories, thoughts, your Grace

words on a page
where ?
searing memories.
random thoughts throughout a day.
your Grace.
sufficient for me. 

scripture bearing your heart, your mind, your love for me.
you have a plan, one I do not understand.
one i can't see through or look over a fence for.
one that isn't wrapped beneath beautiful paper topped with a bow.
one designed just for me. 
a calling, a purpose, a story written.
through me you will be seen, heard, and reflected.
 my hope, my joy must be in you and you alone.

you must increase, but i must decrease.
john 3:30

amazing grace.
thank you.

always precedes the miracle.
(from Ann Voscamp)



Sunday, January 5, 2014

relentless, crave

relentless, crave

2 words for 2014.

you (Jesus) have whispered and I have awoken from a long sleep.
i am listening, silent, with keys at hand, waiting to type your words, your message through this blog.

with your power Holy Spirit i will be relentless in pursuing you, serving you, and following you.
will you teach me how?
with your love and heart i will crave you.
i crave you Jesus.

the year of total surrender to the king of heaven,
who was born as a baby boy, who humbly came,
 grew to be a man who served, suffered, died, 
and victoriously rose again to save all who will receive His gift; Salvation.

i will be relentless and crave you.
i will share your message with all who will listen.
will you give me a boldness? 

your daughter,


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Mystery of a Campfire

So this month is a month that God has shaken me up.
Shaking me into a new woman.
Just being crazy in love with Him (Jesus)! 
Wanting Jesus to be every beat in my chest, being the very breath I breathe.
How I long to be with Him, but until He calls me home....
I will live everyday with His fire in me. 

A great story is told around a fire, the warmth it holds and how it can keep your gaze longing.
Longing for change, change to be empowered by the Holy Spirit who does amazing things! 
Holy Spirit will you continue your great work in and through me...

Rend Collective...
my new favorite band, and fun music the family can dance too!
Happy Wednesday and plan on having a campfire soon! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

jumping & sandy feet

a trampoline, a warm beautiful day to head to the beach, 
a picnic, and a house full of playing and laughter.
these are the days we enjoyed.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done!
He is easily heard through a child's laugh, and seen through their play!
Thank you Lord for children!

Friday, August 23, 2013

cape cod: another year, another few days of sand, and a relationship with hurting friends

so another year we ventured out to Nantucket Sound for a few days by the ocean.
it's a beautiful carved out piece of creation.
we are blessed by our friends the Dwyer's who let us use their cottage.
 and the opportunity to be able to make new acquaintances and friendships every year.

this year we met Carolyn & Bill (last photo).
Carolyn and Charlotte are beloved sisters.
Charlotte & Frank Sousa (in the above photo)... are owners of the cottage on the sound. 
they live in the community as the Dwyer's, hence how we made their acquaintance last year.

i will admit we spoke briefly and said hello as often as we saw them, but this year we entered a God appointed relationship with these dear people.

have you ever had the experience to sing with a 80 year old woman (Charlotte), 
"How Great Thou Art", 
a top the Nantucket Sound? 
or rode the waves on bogy boards with two laughing boys in pursuit of Mr. Frank, 
who will just float in God's ocean for hours?

they lost this year.
july 9, 2013.
their youngest.

pray for Christ to empty you completely and fill you to overflow with Him and only Him.
so that you may glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.
He is working in hearts of people you may only see once a year, once a week, daily.

still wounded, still grieving, still feeling pain.
Jesus knows their hurt, and He allowed me to be a glimpse of light in their darkness.
thank you.
saying goodbye, he said, "we love you girls" (my mom & I).
i am blessed!

waves roar against the rocks at high tide.
cool breeze.
the smell of salt.

i am thankful.


striving to live my one life well.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

first step into our homeschool journey

welcome to my life.
as I have entered this commitment with the One who gave me these blessings from heaven I invite you into our home.
our place.
our piece of 1/2 acre in Ballston Spa, New York.

come and visit...anytime, our door and our hearts are always open to receive you.

our first day of homeschooling a kindergartner and a preschooler... 
went awesome! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a new title and a new look... on everything

I pray you enjoy the new look! 
I listened to a recent parenting series about living legacy.
as a mother i realize the importance of parenting and training these blessings from the Lord.
we are praying that we would be good stewards to help sharpen these little boys, who will be men someday. 

so in this season of striving to be a godly woman, a loving and submissive wife, a mother, a homeschooling mama, a homemaker, occasionally a hair/make-up artist, friend, Tribe leader, and children's worship leader, it seemed fitting to make it a new fresh blog...

~ erin